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Lunatic Alert - Wishes 2017

Lunatic Alert
If not for Gold, liquid or not,
They came for Power.
If not for Blood, liquid or not,
They came for Power.
If not for God, liquid or not,
They came for Power,
A trail of destruction in their wake.
Some men go to Mars, because they can.
Some men go to God, because they can.
The first ones bring knowledge,
The second ones bring carnage.
Both have a price.
I live, because I can.
I strive, because I can.
I think, because I can.
I think, because I am who I am.
No man thinks alike.
Some hate blinded by faith.
Some hate blinded by ignorance.
Some kill blinded by Gold, liquid or not.
Wise men have no Nation to believe in.
Wise men have no God to believe in.
It is hard to know the truth.
The truth that is good for all of us.
If men cannot think, maybe we should not fight them.
Maybe, we should rule them by the machines.
Which rule will guide them?
Asimov's zeroth law* applies.
When men play for God,
I hope they will do a better job.
The majority rule can be a fatal one.
DemocracyForAll is not what you think.
Ich habe Belgschmerz
What can I wish for?
2017 is another year.
In Kondratiev’s oscillating universe,
Times of sorrow and times of joy 
are the waves of our being.
Becoming human was our destiny.
Being human is our hope.
Never loose faith in humanity.
*A human may not harm humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.


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