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7 May is European-wide Action Day for Democracy

Europe stands at a crossroads: will the political executives, technocrats and lobbyists continue calling the shots in the EU, or will we stand up together to build a truly democratic Europe – a Europe that is created and shaped by and for the citizens? Now, before the upcoming European elections, it is crucial that we show the EU that the citizens are behind the call for democratic change in the EU.

On the Europe-wide action day on Saturday, May 17th we’re getting together in public places all around the continent for actions and events, calling citizens to vote for a better, more democratic Europe and to press our upcoming leaders to strengthen EU democracy.

Join us in this year’s action day!

-    Burning for action. Get out there and show how much energy they have for the fight for democracy in Europe. Do a crazy dance, gather a group to lift your car, finish a huge puzzle, get 10 democracy activists to climb up a tree, or film your football team doing synchronised swimming on the field!
-    Vote for change in Europe. Collect wishes and demands from other citizens on EU democracy and creatively display them or symbolically drop them into a ballot box.
-    Political salons. Gather with a group of people to exchange ideas on democracy. Each guest should prepare an input. This works beautifully if you invite people from different disciplines and professions, anything goes - journalism, philosophy, urbanism, politics, art, history.

All you need to do is:
1.    choose an action (do one of our proposed actions or come up with one of your own. You don’t need a lot of people or preparation to pull it off)
2.    register your action on our website (you can also see what else is happening in your area and all over Europe)
3.    You will receive a confirmation email and then a package from us (let us know by the 13th May so that the package will reach you in time).

Take action on the 17th May for a democratic Europe!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Sophie von Hatzfeldt and Armin Steuernagel
on behalf of The Democratic Europe Now team

Democratic Europe Now is a campaign initiated by Democracy International

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